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Meteor Crater, Arizona

Did you know that a meteor collided with the earth's surface in the Arizona desert around 50000 years ago? 56D8214CFB6DB7E5BE029089EAE233DF.jpg
20181106_112214.jpg The impact was as intense as a 20 million ton of TNT explosion.
Meteor crater is almost one mile across in diameter with a circumference of 2.4 miles. It is more than 550 feet deep. 20181106_112819.jpg
Researchers believed that a volcanic eruption caused the crater, but that was debunked rather quickly due to the lack of magma.
Several shafts were drilled into the bottom of the crater in hope to find a meteor. What they didn't take in consideration at that time was, that the meteor shattered into billions of pieces. Our amazing tour guide provided proof that explains that theory. 90_20181106_115342.jpg
Using a magnet he held it over sand stone, rocks and a piece of a meteor. The only piece that clung onto the magnet was the meteorite piece due to it's high iron content .
Then he demonstrated that we are walking on parts from outer space. He whirled up an area of dust & sand and raised the magnet up for us to see. Sure enough, tiny pieces of meteor remnants attached themselves to the magnet
He said, there is your explanation, and the reason nobody ever unearthed the meteor. It is simply part of this area in the Arizona desert. 56D92934C21027CC54F0CC132A1D64E8.jpg
90_20181106_105522.jpg It was the closest related surface to the moon and hosted not only research teams, but also the Apollo crew.
Training missions were conducted by NASA for several years. 20181106_112811.jpg

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