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Finishing 2018 with a surprise trip

Well, where do I begin...After all the Christmas excitement fizzled, reality kicked in and we were getting bored. Initially we wanted to see the snow Christmas day after opening our presents, but our Jeep didn't meet California's standards when driving through the mountains. Even though it is 4 wheel drive, snow chains are required. Scratch that idea.
While I was in the midst of tidying up the bedroom, Tony asked me how bad I wanted to see Hawaii. Pretty darn bad, I tell ya.
Several space available flights are scheduled to take off within the next 48 hours. Instantly my excitement level went from 0 to 10.
I love Hawaii! Back in 1994, when I was 17 Tony and I met in Waikiki and fell in love. Our Journey started in Hawaii and it will always have a special place in my heart. E7AD700FDF400F6DA275BCA815A6DD00.jpg
After deciding that a Hawaii trip would be a good decision while there is no school, Tony signed us up for the flights, we packed our backpacks and prepared everything for the next day. It was not easy falling asleep, too excited and constantly wondering if we are forgetting something and going over what still needed to be done in the morning. We showed up for roll call, marked ourselves present and waited anxiously for our name to get called.
That never happened! The seats filled up with very large families and in no time flat the 73 available seats were taken.
Good thing, we are laid back and flexible. Flying like that requires a ton of flexibility and patience! At least we tried, accepted the fact that this wasn't the day to fly space A and we
returned back to our RV, spending the rest of the day editing my next YouTube video.
I wanted to stay productive and take advantage of our internet while we were still at home. Flights can pop up unannounced at any time and you have to be prepared for it. I felt pretty good having completed my newfound passion of movie making.
Friday was uneventful, no flights at all ,but that didn't bother me too bad, because I developed a raging cold from a few days earlier, hiking Point Reyes. Hot cups of TheraFlu and my fuzzy socks kept me comfortable, while I was laid up on the couch with the laptop right beside me, getting more editing done.
Saturday morning bright and early at 5 am the coffee maker was purring, while we confirmed several flights in the morning to Hawaii. Today will be the day! Freshly showered, we arrived at the terminal with our backpacks, camera bag, 2 massive cups of coffee and a whole lot of hope. As we entered the terminal one roll call was already in session and we thought we were too late. Panic started to kick in. Quickly I ran over to the counter to mark us present, while Tony returned the Jeep to the long term parking lot. Well, the first roll call was completed without our names being called, but we weren't worried because there was another flight lined up. We did not make it at 6 am and we did not make it at 7am.....but the 8am roll call we finally made. When I heard our name I actually jumped for joy. 180_E7AB6E9CC504BFF729AA3E2CD513A3AC.jpg 180_E7ACBE17E560CA2DB3049F4ED4973B33.jpg Within an hour we were checked in, on the tarmac and airborne on our way to Hawaii. 20181229_111302.jpg

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