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Waikiki beach

In the summer of 1994, when I was 17 years old, I flew with a group of girls from high school and two teachers to Hawaii. We stayed about 5 weeks on the islands, learned about the Polynesian Culture and the English language. It was a fun way to explore a new place with a very busy schedule. We snorkeled at Hanauma Bay, hiked Akiki falls, went to the Mauna loa factory, checked out Kona, hiked the Puu'oo all on different islands. Well...the very first night in Waikiki changed my life forever. We girls just settled into our room at the Malihini hotel to discover that the bathroom needed maintenance. That ignited uproar amongst the girls, now complaining about everything from stiff towels to uncomfortable mattresses. To be honest the hotel was not in great shape, but I didn't care, because we were within walking distance to the beach. To me it was perfect, I didn't want to hear any more complaining and walked outside to a little concrete wall where I sat down. A group of 5 guys walked pass me, but one of them caught my attention. We locked eyes and something weird happened. I turned to my classmate Katrin and jokingly said. Now that's the kinda guy I will marry.
We all started with small talk, telling the guys about our bathroom fiasco and Tony offered up their bathroom. Not understanding English that well, I was shocked that this stranger wanted us to take a shower in their room. In Germany people are not that friendly to strangers offering up anything personal. We politely declined and went to the ABC store, where I tried to buy some beer to go along with my" buy one get one free" burger. At the register I was told to march right back to the cooler and return that can. Why? Oh....I didn't know there is a drinking age. How embarrassing!
I was on a mission, climbed the stairs to the second floor and knocked on the soldiers door. Explaining my current situation I asked for someone of age to buy the Budweiser for me. Well, it was Tony's time to shine. He presented a fake ID and off we went. We brought back enough beer for all of us and spent that evening together. My English at that time was very broken, using more or less arm gestures and body language to communicate. I must have been trying very hard, because the chair I sat on couldn't handle my movements and down I went. I totally broke the chair and layed sprawled out in front of my classmate and the guys. Tony was so impressed with me that he wanted extra time to talk. We walked to the beach after midnight where he said that he wanted to marry me. Strangely I felt the same. We knew it was just wishful thinking. I knew I was too young and had to return back to my family in Germany. Surely it's nothing serious. We watched the night sky and saw several falling stars. I send my message out to the universe and wished upon a falling star to return back to the island to be with him one day. 20190102_132337.jpg
Before saying our Good night's I told him he could meet us at Hanauma Bay the next day. Expecting him to show up I was heartbroken when that never happened. That afternoon back at the hotel I saw a pile of cigarette butts in front of my door, a clear indication that Tony must have been waiting there. I walked upstairs, knocked on their door and found the room empty. I asked at the reception what happened to the people in that room and I was told that they checked out earlier.
I couldn't believe it, the guy slipped through my fingers. I didn't know his full name, where he worked, a phone number- nothing.
A few days passed, we flew to Big Island and a week later to Kauai. I couldn't get him out of my head and became very sick. One morning the EMS had to put me on a stretcher and transport me to the ER. The doctors were puzzled , all my tests showed up good. My teacher asked what would make me feel better so I told him about this guy I met in Waikiki.
Mr.Bubach promised to help me find him, once we are back in Waikiki. We actually stayed in the exact same room that we occupied only 3 weeks prior. That Friday night, way past midnight we heard a knocking on the door. One of the girls said that there is some dude asking for me. I crawled out of bed and found myself standing in my oversized shirt in front of Tony. He said he has been knocking on this door every weekend looking for me. I gave him the biggest hug and told him not to go anywhere without giving me all his personal information. I couldn't dare lose him again. 20190102_132914.jpg
We stayed in touch the entire year I was in Germany to finish high school. I saved up enough money to purchase my ticket back to Honolulu for the summer of 95. I was supposed to stay for 6 weeks and go back home , but got married instead and started a future with my new husband.
Yesterday, when we walked the beach and decided to go to the end of the pier to get a better picture of Diamond Head. Quietly a guy approached Tony, asking him to videotape his proposal on his cellphone. I was in the midst of taping for my YouTube channel, not aware of what was unfolding behind me, as I turned around still filming, that I caught a marriage proposal on tape. We congratulated the newly engaged couple and told them that we made our first wedding plans in this very spot 24 years earlier.
It certainly brought back many wonderful memories! Sometimes you find love where you least expect it. I found mine on the opposite side of the globe.

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