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2018 was all about lifestyle change

20190121_134509.jpg Our Journey began quicker than expected. Last January we were in the midst of completely gutting and renovating our house in Kentucky. It had been rented for over 10 years, while we were stationed in other states during Tony's military career. The tenants moved out and left our house absolutely destroyed. We couldn't put it up for rent in that condition, and had no other choice but to move from Georgia(where Tony retired) to Kentucky and take care of that problem. 20190104_125511.jpg Our retirement plan changed and buying a catamaran was not on top of the list anymore. It was time to tackle this mess. Unfortunately, nothing was salvageable and we had to gut the majority of the house.
We kept one room intact to sleep in and one room to store all our boxes. We did not have a kitchen for a couple of weeks, washed dishes in the bathroom and cooked in a crockpot that was sitting on a chair. The living arrangements were tough, but we were thrilled to do all the work ourselves. And when I say that, I absolutely mean it. No other hands touched our floors, walls, ceiling, roof, etc... but Tony and mine. I have to emphasize on that, because we literally put everything we had into that little house. We were exhausted from working and found ourselves facing another obstacle. This time it was our rental house in Texas. The tenants were moving out at the end of January. That was definitely overwhelming, we had to come up with a plan, quickly. How can we manage 2 houses in different states, work on both simultaneously without losing our minds.
Well, by January the majority of the inside was finished in the Kentucky house. We had to wait until Spring to put the new roof on, fix the yard and put it on the market to sell. Therefore moving all our stuff to our much bigger house in Texas made more sense. We rented a big moving truck and hauled everything to Texas, leaving only necessities and tools behind in Kentucky. We began to work on the Texas house, painting all the rooms and laying new laminate. The old carpet had to go before we started setting up furniture and unpacking boxes. The Texas house was fixed in no time, all furnished and comfortable, a place to relax and call home.
We really wanted to complete all the work in Kentucky by April, adding a new roof as the last item to tackle before putting the house on the market. We worked around the clock, weather permitting to finish the neverending projects. Everything had to be perfect for inspection come Spring. For a couple of months we had to drive back and forth between both states and finish all the work in order to have a successful sale.
In May we were back in Texas when our realtor notified us of a buyer. We were thrilled and drove back to Kentucky to be present for the inspection and for anything that needed our immediate attention, while we were there in person. With everything signed and in order, nothing else was left for us to do and we returned to Texas.
By that time we were so tired of dealing with Real Estate, that we began to seriously look for boats and RV's. We got up in the mornings with a nice cup of coffee, and as a routine checked Craigslist first in hope to find a fantastic bargain on sailboats. Watching YouTube videos on catamarans, sailboats, houseboats, 5th wheels and RV's helped us keep our dream alive. 20190104_122213.jpg
Deep down I felt the pull towards a catamaran, but I was aware of how expensive they can be. Not having sold the house yet, I did not want to envision another debt.
One thing was for sure. We did not want to be in the Texas house either. We lost all interest in the stuff that filled our house, it began to feel like a burden. Honestly, I was so done with everything and wanted freedom more than anything.
Shortly after, we hosted an open yardsale. "Come inside my house and buy whatever you want for the right price". People flocked in all day and pretty much moved half of our house for us. A lady walked thru the kitchen and asked if I sell my silverware. I counted the pieces in the drawer and noticed some forks were still in the dishwasher. I was floored that even my dirty dishes sold.
Towards the end of the day we were in a state of disbelief, with only a matress and boxes full of whatever left. Our furniture completely sold out. Laying on the mattress that night, I asked Tony if we are insane for doing this.
I felt lost, confused and sad; yet excited and proud to have pushed through, with this crazy idea of unplugging ourselves from regular society.
We contacted a property management company to list the house for rent a few days later after everything was boxed up, cleaned and stacked in the U-haul.
I kid you not, 15 minutes after we pulled out of our driveway with the last load going into the storage unit, our house rented out and was under contract.
Within 2 weeks both houses were taken care of. One sold, the other one rented. Finally free, we drove to South Carolina to see family on July 3rd. During our stay we visited several marinas and RV dealers. We came very close to buying a Sea Ray, had the pre approval letter and last minute decided against it. She wasn't a sailboat after all. We had to stick to our plans and not make any hasty decisions, that we could later regret. We continued looking and found ourselves almost daily at RV dealerships. By that time we gathered enough knowledge to see a good deal, and that's when we came across the Winnebago Journey. We knew immediately that we stepped into our new home on wheels. Within 24 hours we made our final decision and wrote our names on the sales agreement. With that a new Chapter in our lives opened up, our lifestyle changed completely and the Journey began. CFA88465ADA97A0077F0262FD79EFC8D.jpg CFA7D6C8B45334BE0325153DB71B8D71.jpg CFA74CC205187CA9A160E47F2D3905D6.jpg CFA6BAC5AE68F6FA9ACB6961967C62CE.jpg

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