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Top picks 2018

I want to summarize all the destinations that we visited in 2018 and show you my top picks.There are so many other amazing destinations, but I have to narrow it down to only the places we saw since our Journey started in August 2018. That is when we bought our Winnebago and started traveling fulltime.
My top pick to dry camp ,secluded from civilization with spectacular views of mountains , nestled in between boulders with carved out fire pits is- Alabama Hills in California 20181130_101912.jpg 20181130_074826.jpg A8E75C81C8BA4EA04EBF8F1EF64207DF.jpg Top pick for Army Corps of Engineers campgrounds. Usually campgrounds located near lakes with Electric and Water hookups for $22 per day. This one goes to- Lake Cochiti, New Mexico 20181028_170407.jpg 20181028_163203.jpg 20181028_163134.jpg
Not only does Lake Cochiti have a fabulous campground, it also gets my pick as most impressive hike - Tent Rock National Monument is breathtaking 20181030_120559.jpg 90_20181030_112648.jpg 90_20181030_113638.jpg
The most strenuous hike this year was at Red Rock SP. Once you reach the peak it is a perfect place to sit and have lunch on one of the boulders. Pack a lunch and plenty of water. You can hike here all day long. 20181127_124206.jpg 9AD60B1C0B1CAF30DB70410D1F9B4D98.jpg
My top pick for the most sandy and hottest hike is, of course- Mesquite Dunes in Death Valley, CA.
That place is so much fun! Try sand swimming down the dunes... Be aware, you might lose your socks.We have found several socks along the hike.20181129_093515.jpg 02D782C5079629BCBADCA2546D593F05.jpg 02D6F1C2FF0CADE9920ED8058B72D881.jpg
Badwater Basin in Death Valley- gets my pick for lowest and saltiest location I've ever been to. The place looks like something from another planet. That is what inspired Star Wars to film there.20181128_161200.jpg 20181128_161137.jpg
One of the best preserved Petroglyphs we saw this year were in - the Valley of Fire. Hiking the Valley of Fire is stunning due to its bright red colors. Some rock formations look like beehives and 2 campgrounds are nestled in between boulders and hiking trails. 5E8CF1DBE5C0C676CFD1BAD1750EF0A7.jpg 20181124_104335.jpg 5E906399E9AA7CAD6CC8D40644D31784.jpg
Most amazing sunsets were in - Cocoa Beach, Florida. I did not include Hawaii, because we only spent the last two days of 2018 there and the majority in 2019.
Cocoa Beach is one of my favorite beaches to boogie board. A military base is located on the barrier island that offers a wonderful Famcamp with full hookups for only $22 per day. It is for active or retired service members only. 20180816_191339.jpg 90_43A96980F9C952236D770282D61419F3.jpg 20180827_200307.jpg
This one is difficult, I am not sure which one of the best preserved ancient pueblos would be my top pick. I loved them all! Here are the ones we visited.
Aztec Ruins in New Mexico 2686.jpeg
Mesa Verde, Colorado 2827.jpeg
Walnut Canyon in Arizona 20181106_151204.jpg
Wupatki in Arizona 180_20181107_135845.jpg
We have stayed in regular RV parks, military Famcamps, Army Corps of Engineer campgrounds, Walmart parking lots, BLM land and National parks. If you are traveling on a budget my top pick for boondocking would be BLM land or ask the Forest Service if camping is permitted.
The most serene hike was- Marin Headlands in California with a fantastic view of the ocean , with waves crashing onto cliffs and spilling onto shore. IMG_20181217_163557_785.jpg 20181217_133316.jpg 20181217_131801.jpg
The hike where you will see cows, deer, birds, elephant seals and if your lucky -whales is at- Point Reyes, California.
The entire barrier island sits on a different Continental plate, divided by the San Andreas fault 20181222_145101.jpg B4B5C415F5EBF7888280C936637D7D6F.jpg 20181222_152857.jpg
2018 was full of adventures and new places, but I only showed you what absolutely stood out above the rest. This country is full with amazing places, landmarks and people. I can't wait to see where it will take us this year. Happy travels!

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