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2147D9C5C1E4281F74CDE97AED044F34.jpg During the colder and wetter months, living in an RV can be a bit boring. When it pours down rain, I prefer to cuddle up on the couch with my blanket, a book and a nice cup of tea. Sounds relaxing, but I can only relax so much until I get bored. I usually stay occupied homeschooling Landon, blogging, editing and working on my Vlog, but in order to continue working on the material I need to gather it first. Any chance I get and when the weather cooperates, I hit the hiking trails in our surrounding area. I heard that this winter here in the San Francisco Bay area is more extreme than usual. The constant rain has left the area muddy or flooded. We have been on some trails that were so soggy, our shoes got soaked and heavy with caked on mud. Walking with the extra weight is strenuous and wears on you quicker, especially on steeper inclines. We figured out where some hiking trails are, that are still paved and on higher elevation, allowing hikers to continue their hobby even after downpours. I just took Landon, our 9 year old to one of these trails, amidst cow pastures and had a fantastic time. IMG_20190217_072853_587.jpg
We spent a good 2 hours on the trail, reached the top, where we rested for a bit. I packed water and stuffed pita pockets to refuel us before our descent. We ran into a herd of cows that were blocking the path. Puzzled we tried to figure out what to do. Usually cows are pretty mellow, but not this Mama cow. She was protecting her young as it was resting in the pasture and gave us the stink eye. She did not mooooove, until another hiker tried to shush her away. That must have upset her, because she was about to come after him. Finally, we clapped our hands, made noise and whirled our arms, and Betsy cleared the path for us. She was definitely stubborn. 20190216_151145.jpg
Last week we checked out Fisherman's Wharf in San Francisco. It was very exciting to me, coming from a big city I need the occasional Metropolitan feel. The combination of city and fishing piers hits everything that I adore. It was windy and cold as we strolled around the piers, visiting tugboats and schooners, observing the sleepy sea lions on the decks and diving in and out of colorful buildings selling souvenirs. At a food stand we purchased bread bowls filled with steaming, velvety clam chowder. The market stands were bursting with lobster rolls, fresh crab, chowder and fish. It was a challenge to chose what to order. It turned out to be a perfect winter's day outing.7981A3FFA81CCAAD641A076FC5FDB8DE.jpg 79809D45E273AFC2F4A59F1FD6A48A8C.jpg IMG_20190214_073134_828.jpg 798121FDAF361C311E44ABCF69EB6ECA.jpg 20190211_152551.jpg
I love that this area has so much to offer, just alone San Francisco will take several trips to explore, with its parks, seashore and historic landmarks. 20190211_155930.jpg IMG_20190213_084122_781.jpg
We are very fortunate to stay in such a diverse area. Two hours from us, driving east sits the impressive mountain range of the Sierra Nevadas, where we can explore Kings Canyon, the redwoods at Sequoia and Muir trail. Several family sledding trips are offered thru MWR that will transport you, equip and feed you for the day. Definitely one trip, that is on my bucket list. With Spring around the corner, I am eager to head into Napa Valley to soak in the country side and taste their fruity wine creations. Lake Tahoe is another day trip that I am looking forward to and for a longer stay, Seattle Washington with a quick visit to Victoria B.C on top of my list.
Setting some goals helps overcome the winter blues, looking forward to learn more about the area makes it interesting and fun. Don't get stuck in a rut, even if you can't get far, turn your hibernation into a staycation. Go out and explore! 180_20190216_160938.jpg

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