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Back on the road despite a pandemic

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After traveling from the East coast to the West coast and then back in 2019, we were faced with several medical issues that kept us stationary for a year.
20200109_125154.jpg After the holidays we were bored out of our minds and booked a cruise to Mexico. We were eager to start 2020 off in a warm sunny location, away from everything, breathing in salty air and relaxing on the open water.
20200109_073428.jpg After only one day at sea the captain announced that we would have to return to port due to a medical emergency. We still don't know what happened exactly, but somehow after a couple of months we had an idea what caused this odd situation. Carneval offered us a discount for a future cruise as a token of their appreciation and for the inconvenience it caused. Had they applied that discount to the present cruise we would have not done it again, buuutttt we decided to cruise again in March. This time we didn't turn around, but the port in Jamaica didn't allow us access, due to the Corona virus. We were rerouted to the Naval base in Key West instead. Belize and Cozumel still allowed Cruise ships, welcoming all rerouted travelers, which caused these ports to be a bit overcrowded. IMG_20200303_143143_653.jpg 20200306_181359.jpg
This virus was now spreading globally and broadcasted in the media. Back in our cabin we saw on TV that some cruise lines had people on board sick. By the next dinner rotation we noticed a change in the staff's cleaning procedure and nobody was allowed to self serve anymore. The crew wore gloves and face masks, standing besides sanitizing stations to remind each passenger to sanitize their hands before grabbing a plate and utensils. What seems common to us now was weird then, because the climate on board changed overnight leaving us passengers clueless. We couldn't wait to get home quick enough. Upon arrival in Galveston several ambulances showed up and a family got escorted off the ship. Again, we wondered why the ambulances came rushing while we were docking.
Thankfully we made it off the ship unharmed and quarantined for several weeks. While at home we focused on building raised garden beds and planted a lot of vegetables, stocked the pantry and freezer, and avoided going anywhere. 20200420_135747.jpg
We were welcoming our first grandchild during that time and keeping him healthy was our number one priority. Therefore we stayed quarantined, keeping busy with the garden and our home improvement projects.
With school out we noticed an increase of break ins, theft and other disturbances within our community which pushed us to put our house up for sale. Thankfully we got an offer that same week! We had a month to get the house cleared, the RV ready, the vehicles maintained and all our plans in order. We visited our grandbaby and enjoyed some family time. We couldn't decide what to do after closing on the house. We had a couple of options: the dream of buying a catamaran sailing the Carribean or taking the RV up north to escape the virus.
Personally I was drawn to the ocean, but following several families on YouTube that sail fulltime, we learned that they were stuck in one location, either not allowed to enter a port or to leave. It seemed a bit too risky at this time to begin fulltime sailing, hunting for the perfect vessel and taking sailing lessons. We had to be realistic and weigh all the pros and cons. Although not as exciting as sailing, we packed up our RV and made our way from Texas to Florida. 247C943EA354B5DA71A4922509D0B27F.jpg
By the time we arrived in Florida the state experienced a high influx in Covid19 cases. All State parks were closed and some RV parks were about to follow suit, which left us with military campgrounds. After Independence Day those shut down as well, which urged us to leave Florida before the borders will close. We spent a week in the sunshine State and stayed in the panhandle. Unfortunately we couldn't make it all the way to the Keys. Secretly I was still hoping to look at sailboats and find our new home on water, but all the odds were against us. It's just not the right time for us to sail. 20200306_130015.jpg
Thankfully we are very spontaneous, adapting to the always changing situations across the states and prepared to boondock or stay wherever we feel safe. Not only are we traveling, we are literally on our quest to find "home", wherever it may be. I'm sure one day we will find it. Until then we keep moving.
Happy travels! 20200305_121422.jpg

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